Hands-On Training

What You Can Expect

Our HQ Sixteen quilting machines give even beginning quilters every advantage of a longarm quilting system with stitch regulator, front and rear handles, and laser stylus. Gadgets of all kinds are available to make it possible to do all sorts of things after a little practice. We'll show you how! The adjustable table size is large enough to accommodate quilts up to king size.

Intro Session - 3 hours / $35 *

Includes handouts/notes


  • Basic machine instruction
  • familiarize with parts/function
  • threading and tension
  • loading quilt
  • operation of machine with and without stitch regulator
  • Stabilizing quilt
  • Freehand - simple design
  • Groovy board/stylus use
  • Pantograph/pattern use with laser
  • Demonstration of use of rulers for custom quilting techniques

Participants are encouraged to bring lunch and schedule practice time/certification afterward

* Save money and gas -- pair up with a buddy and both take the intro session together for $50 -- a savings of $10 each -- save even more by adding a third person for a total cost of $60 -- that's only $20 per person.

Certification - 2 hours / $15

Includes everything for supervised practice on a sample piece (top, batting, backing, thread, new needle, use of gadgets, etc.) necessary to demonstrate working knowledge of machine. Upon completion, a certification card will be issued that qualifies the person for rental time on the machine.

Refresher Course - $20

Required after 6 months for anyone who has completed the intro session and certification but has not rented machine time. A refresher course will also be required for any quilter for whom more than 6 months have elapsed since last rental appointment.

Additional Instruction Options -- for those who want to do more!

  • Beyond Basics (borders, blocks and more)
  • Freehand Techniques
  • Feathers, Feathers Everywhere!
  • Chosing Batting, Squaring Up
  • What If It's Not Perfect? (tips and tricks to use on less that perfectly pieced tops)

New offerings will continue to be added. When we learn something new, we'll be happy to share knowledge. Feel free to make suggestions, and check back with us often!

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