Preparing Your Quilt

1. Please do not pin or baste your quilt in any way. The top, batting and backing fabric are all loaded onto the machine separately. If it is already basted, it will need to be taken apart for loading. We can do this for you, but it will incur an additional $20 charge.

2. The backing and batting each need to be at least 4 inches wider and longer than the quilt top. If you need to seam your backing fabric, trim away the selvage from the seam allowance. You may leave selvage at the outside edges of the backing.

3. f you have washed the fabrics for the quilt top, please wash the backing fabric. If you are using a sheet for the backing, it must be washed (preferably twice) and hems opened or cut off.

4. Press seams and cut the top and bottom edges of your backing o they are squared up. This ensures that it will load squarely on the quilting machine. If you need help to accomplish this, just ask.


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