Custom Quilting Service

Services Available

  • A - Custom Quilting - designs may include stitch-in-the-ditch work, separate border treatments, individual block designs, and tight stippling.

    • Prices begin at 0.02/square inch

  • B - Overall Pattern Quilting - includes freehand designs that are quilted over the entire quilt, including various meandering techniques.

    • Prices begin at $0.015/square inch

  • C - Edge-to-Edge Quilting - One continuous pattern of your choosing quilted over entire quilt from edge to edge. Some of our pantograph patterns fit onto this pricing category.

    • Prices begin at $0.01/square inch

  • D - Basting - top, batting, and backing are put together using an elongated stitch in a 4- to 6-inch grid or similar pattern to prepare your quilt for hand quilting. Perimeter will be stitched within 1/4 inch seam allowance, if preferred.

    • Prices begin at $0.005/square inch.

  • E - Binding - will be made with fabric you provide, or your choice of coordinating colors as available.

    1. Half-binding means the binding will be made and attached with mitered corners to the front of your quilt.

      • Price: $1.50 per lineal foot.

    2. Full Binding means the binding will be attached with mitered corners to the front of your quilt and hand sewn to the back with matching thread.

      • Price: $3.00 per lineal foot.

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